KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender Review

This is the most comprehensive and detailed KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender Review.

Kitchen aid blenders have been essential items in the kitchen from time in memory.

They assist in making smoothies, juices, grinding foodstuff, and making whipped cream.

It is for this reason that when choosing a kitchen aid blender, you must put a lot of factors into consideration to ensure that the blender will work for you effectively.

The most important factor to put into consideration is the reason why you need a kitchen aid blender.

Its purpose will help in guiding you in picking a blender that is best suited to fulfill the purpose intended for it. In this article, we are going to review the 5 Speed Diamond kitchen aid blender.

5 speed Diamond Blender

This blender is very popular because it has a friendly price tag to it. If one does not have a lot of money to spend with a blender, then the 5 Speed Diamond Blender is the way to go. Having a vintage outlook, the blender glams the kitchen in a classy manner. Its base is wider than that of other blenders, being 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Its height is 17 inches which explains the reason the blender is said to have a vintage outlook. The blender has a 60-ounce pitcher. Its pulse mode is fashioned in a manner that allows it to function at all speeds. The 5 Speed Diamond Kitchenaid blender has its lid well designed in a manner that allows the user to remove it during blending so as to add ingredients to the mixture being blended. This is very effective especially if the ingredients being blended need a varying period in the blender.

Additionally, this Kitchenaid blender has a control panel that is simple to operate. The control panel is easy to understand. The pulse option button allows the user a choice on the speed and amount of power of the pulse that they would like to use. This pulse button has a power range between 1 to 5. Such options play in very handy especially in scenarios where the user would like to make a nice glass of whipped cream. Further still, the blender has an intel-speed motor. The purpose of this speed motor control s to keep an eye on the contents added for blending. In consideration of the content, the Intel-speed motor control maintains an average speed that will power through all the ingredients. This is the reason why the 5 Speed Diamond Kitchenaid blender is said to have an element of high-quality performance which explains the reason why it is a very popular Kitchenaid blender.

The 5 Speed Diamond gets even better, its blending system is made out of diamond. The beauty in this is that the diamond is a stainless-steel metal and therefore the user does not have to worry about issues of rust and food poisoning associated with rusting. Another advantage of the stainless-steel element is that the diamond blending system functions in a manner that ensures that all ingredients in the blender blend together, quickly and very efficiently.  This gives the user the satisfaction of a high-quality result from the blending. If the user is looking to enjoying silkier and smoother smoothies, sauces, and soups, then this blender is the best to make a quality delivery of the same. The pitcher of the blender of the Kitchenaid blender is stain resistant. This gives the user the liberty to blend any item without the fear that the blender may rust or develop a permanent stain that would ruin its beauty.

It is the dream of every Kitchenaid blender user to have a blender that is easy to wash. This is a major element of the 5 Speed Diamond Blender. The user does not have to fear getting cut by the blades while washing the ingredients off. This is because the blades are inseparable from the pitcher. Therefore, the chances of an accident or incident taking place are zero. With an inseparable blade and pitcher, the user is therefore left with only three major parts to clean. These are the main lid, the inner lid, and the pitcher.  As though not enough, the blender can be washed using a dishwasher. This is mainly because the pitcher is dishwasher safe. This, therefore, means that if the user does not want to go through the process of hand washing the blender, they can put it in the dishwasher and worry not of any damages since it is a dishwasher-friendly blender.

Despite the fact that this Kitchenaid blender can multi-task, it has a downside, It takes a very long time to process some foods because it has a limited power level. This explains why it is not the best blender to choose if one is hunting for a Kitchenaid blender for commercial purposes. It may cause delays which is not very good for business purposes especially in a business that attracts traffic of customers. However, this does not negate the fact that it is an awesome kitchen aid that can make a variety of delicacies other than just smoothies. Its blades are sharp enough to cut ingredients thus allowing the blender to perform a wide range of functions.

In conclusion, the 5 Speed Diamond Blender is a cheap and elegant blender that comes in a wide range of colors as opposed to the orthodox silver stainless color. It comes in white, black, apple green, watermelon pink, tangerine orange, and stainless silver. This is especially an advantage to those users who love to match colors in the kitchen for beauty purposes. The Kitchenaid blender will not only grace the kitchen with elegance but also satisfy the user with its top-notch performance. Therefore, if one is looking to find a pocket-friendly priced Kitchenaid blender that does not compromise on quality, yet is easy to use and stylish to have, then, the 5 Speed Diamond blender is the one to purchase. It will not disappoint at any level.

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