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In addition, we have also evolved over the years. We do much research and add new and more electronic products to our stock.

With us, you will get the help you desire. We shall advise you on equivalents in regards to transistors, diodes, and IC’s (integrated circuits).

Additionally, we shall also advise you on other technical issues as well as repair tips.

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Our electronics store is fully-fledged to take care of any electronics issue and we address this via our 5 Electronic Departments.

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Electronic Components

In this age and era of technological advancements, electronics have become a vital necessity in our day-to-day lives.

This is so because we need to replace the faulty ones in our home and office appliances.

Students undertaking engineering and other related studies need these too as part of their studies.

Factories, organizations, and many other entities also have appliances that need replacement parts.

And well, we need these appliances and gadgets to help and aid us in performing certain life necessities.

An example would be; A refrigerator to help us store perishable food for a longer time.

In Addition, a majority of electronic appliances are bound to get faulty and thus need repair.

It is for this reason that we have made it possible for you to get these vital products with much ease at our online electronics hobby store.

Some of the electronic components that we shall guide you in acquiring are:

  1. IC’s (integrated circuits)
  2. Transistors
  3. Capacitors
  4. Resistors
  5. Diodes among others

Kindly visit our Electronic Components and their functions page and see a detailed and comprehensive guide on all the components and how they function.

Welcome to our electronics shop. Below we have a comprehensive list of electronic components that we have in stock.

Which electronic components are you looking for? Transistors, IC’s, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, regulators: we have a majority of them.

At our electronics hobby store, we have you in mind. If you are an electronics enthusiast, student, or, repair technician then, you are in the right place.

I do humbly welcome you to see our electronic components store in detail and see everything we have in store for you.

If you need any components, spare parts, or accessories, kindly see the buying options below…

But before we proceed, kindly note that electronic components are classified into two categories:

Active Components

Components falling under this category are;

  1. Integrated Circuits
  2. Transistors
  3. Logic Gates
  4. Regulators
  5. Relays

Passive Components

Components falling under this category are;

  1. Capacitors
  2. Diodes
  3. Resistors
  4. Inductors

In-Stock IC’s

Integrated circuits {IC’s} are the building blocks of modern electronic devices such as cell phones and computers.

These components have revolutionized the electronics sphere so much.

An integrated circuit is an electronic component that has a complete electronic circuit within it.

Made of silicon, an IC contains several embedded components ranging from transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and much more.

Some forms of IC’s include; micro-processors, amplifiers, frequency modulators, and much more.

At our electronics store, you will get various and diverse IC’s. We have you covered and doing our best to add more integrated circuits.

We have STK’s, LA’s, TEA’s, CXA’s, TDA’s, TM’s, TA’s, KA’s, STR’s, STV’s, and many more. We also check for equivalents.

Below is a list of some of the available IC’s: (we have many more)

  • TDA2030
  • TDA2050
  • TDA4863
  • TDA7057AQ
  • TDA7377 (small size)
  • TDA7377 (Large size)
  • TDA7379 (small size)
  • TDA7379 (Large size)
  • TDA7265
  • TDA7269
  • TDA2822
  • TDA7266
  • TDA7297
  • TDA1030
  • TDA2003
  • TDA2005
  • TDA2009
  • TDA7385
  • TDA7386
  • TDA7388
  • TDA8946
  • TDA8944
  • TEA2025
  • TA2003
  • TM1628
  • TM1629
  • BT4860
  • CD4047
  • CXA1691BM
  • CXA1691BS
  • CD4047
  • CD4026
  • IC4017
  • JRC4558
  • JRC4558 SMD
  • KA2206
  • KA4192
  • KA7500
  • LA4440
  • LA4508
  • LA5603
  • LA7830
  • LA7840
  • LA78040
  • LA78041
  • LA78045
  • LA78141
  • LM1875
  • PT2313
  • STA540SAN
  • STV8172
  • STV9326
  • STRF6267
  • STR S6707
  • STR W6753
  • STR W6754
  • STR W6553
  • STR W6554
  • YD2026
  • 555 Timer
  • 8002 Ic

More IC’s will be added to this list above as we continue to stock them.

To order, Kindly see the buying options below:

In addition, you can always contact us if you need clarification or have questions.

In Stock Transistors

Transistors are the most important electronic components in the field and study of electronics.

They act as relays or switches and are mainly used in the amplification of current.

A transistor has three terminals. The base, collector, and emitter.

The base controls the voltage and current output on the other two terminals.

Below is a list of some available transistors;

  • A1015
  • A1941
  • A940
  • B817
  • B688
  • B649
  • BC547
  • BC546/BC548
  • BC557
  • BC558
  • BD187
  • C3807
  • C2655
  • C5198
  • C5200
  • C2482
  • C2383
  • C2073
  • D882
  • D2498
  • D2499
  • D1555
  • D1710
  • D718
  • D1047
  • D669
  • IR2010
  • IRF064N
  • IRF054N
  • IRF2807
  • IRF3205
  • IRF244
  • IRFGB10B60KD
  • IRFP460 *universal*
  • IRFZ44
  • J162
  • K1058
  • MJE13009
  • TIP32c
  • TIP41c
  • TIP42c
  • TIP122
  • 2N-3773
  • 2SD-1693
  • 2N3733
  • 2N3055
  • 2N551
  • 2N5401
  • 40N60
  • 50NO6

Keep checking as more transistors will be added as we proceed…

To order, kindly see the buying options below…

Kindly contact us if you have any questions or need any clarification…

In Stock Capacitors

Capacitors come in as major components. This is because they store charge.

I would refer them to batteries that have a small capacity and can be used to employ a delay in an electronic circuit.

Some capacitor types have positive and negative voltage terminals and can be damaged in case of reverse polarity.

Types of capacitors include;

  • Electrolytic capacitors
  • Ceramic capacitors
  • Dielectric | variable capacitors
  • Film capacitors

Below is a list of the capacitors that we have in stock;

Electrolytic Capacitors

  • 1000uf 35v
  • 1000uf 25v
  • 470uf 35v
  • 470uf 25v
  • 220uf 35v
  • 220uf 25v
  • 2200uf 35v
  • 2200uf 25v
  • 3300uf 35v
  • 3300uf 25v
  • 4700uf 35v
  • 4700uf 25v
  • 4700uf 50v
  • 6800uf 50v
  • 10000uf 100v
  • 10000uf 80v
  • 100uf 35v
  • 100uf 25v
  • 100uf 160v
  • 47uf 160v

More capacitors will be added to this list as we stock them.

To order, Kindly contact us.

In Stock Diodes

A diode is an electronic component that conducts and lets current flow in only one direction.

This great invention has two terminals an anode and a cathode.

The current only flows when a positive current is connected to the anode and a negative voltage is connected to the cathode.

If the voltages are connected in the reverse, no current will flow through the diode.

A diode is mainly used in current and voltage rectification and is a vital component in the electronics sphere.

This component is also used to convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current)

Types of diodes

  • Zener diodes
  • The LED (light-emitting diodes)
  • Varactor diodes
  • Photo diodes
  • Pin diodes
  • Step recovery diodes
  • Laser diodes
  • Tunnel/backward diodes
  • Gunn diodes
  • Schottky diodes

Below is a list of available diodes;

  • 10 amp solar diodes
  • 6 amp solar diodes
  • 5408
  • 4007
  • 3510 bridge diodes
  • Various voltage Zener Diodes
  • IN4148
  • IN4746
  • IN4001
  • IN4007

More diodes are to be added to this list in the coming days.

To order, Kindly contact us.

In Stock Resistors

Resistors are components that resist current flow within an electric circuit.

These components are used to set up the correct voltages in a circuit to make voltage flow smooth.

Types of resistors include;

  • Variable resistors
  • Fixed resistors
  • Linear
  • Non-linear

At our electronics hobby store, we stock a majority of resistors. Kindly remember that resistors vary in wattages and resistance value.

Below is a list of available resistors;

  • 1 ohm
  • 10 ohms
  • 22 ohms
  • 33 ohms
  • 47 ohms
  • 56 ohms
  • 68 ohms
  • 100 ohm
  • 220 ohms
  • 330 ohms
  • 470 ohms
  • 560 ohms
  • 680 ohms
  • 1K ohms
  • 2.2K ohms
  • 3.3K ohms
  • 4.7K ohms
  • 5.6K ohms
  • 6.8K ohms
  • 10K ohms
  • 100K ohms
  • 220K ohms
  • 330K ohms
  • 470K ohms
  • 560K ohms
  • 680K ohms
  • 1M ohms

Apart from these ones, we also stock high wattage droppers, potentiometers, and variable resistors (Volumes) of various resistance.

More resistors are available.

To Order. Kindly contact us.

In Stock Voltage Regulators

Voltage regulators are very critical components in today’s technological world.

These components play a major role in voltage distribution within an electronic circuit.

They trim down specific voltages to specific sensitive components like processors and timers.

This way, they also offer protection to the sensitive components in case of a voltage surge.

Without regulators, it would be very hard to achieve some critical voltage aspects in electronics.

Kindly see some of the voltage regulators that we have below;

  • L7805
  • L7806
  • L7808
  • L7809
  • L7810
  • L7812
  • L7815

More regulators will be added to this list as we stock them.

To Order, Kindly contact us.

In Stock Relays

Electronic relays are a major part of the electronics sphere and study.

These electronic components are electrical switches. When the voltage passes through them, the switch opens.

When a voltage is switched off, the switch closes. They employ electromagnetism to achieve this.

Kindly contact us if you need any relay.

In Stock Logic gates

Logic gates are the building blocks of digital electronics.

They perform logic calculations and provide one binary output from several binary inputs.

They are classified into three types;

  1. AND gate
  2. OR gate
  3. NOT gate

NB: We shall stock logic gates soon.

In Stock Inductors

Inductors are simple transformers that allow dc current to flow while resisting ac current flow.

They are complex electronic components but extremely important in the rectification and supply of dc voltages in an electronic circuit.

Before the emergence of LED TVs, CRT TVs had a flyback inductor/transformer.  

This inductor was used to feed thousands of DC voltages to the tube.

Types of inductors include;

  • Ferrite core inductors
  • Air core inductors
  • Variable core inductors
  • Iron core inductors

Contact us to order inductors.

In Stock Crystals

Crystals also referred to as oscillators are used to create and set up precise or fixed frequencies in an electronics circuit.

A crystal could be used to set up tuner frequencies, clocks, and timers for micro-controllers in circuits.

NB: We shall stock crystals soon.

Beyond components which is our main line, we are now full stockists of;

Electronic Spare Parts

What comes to mind when you think about spare parts? well, a majority of us confuse parts with components.

However, they are different. An electronic part is a complete assembly of several components and at times accessories.

Some of the spare parts that we have in stock are:

  1. Transformers
  2. Adapters
  3. TV parts
  4. DVD parts
  5. Amplifier parts among others

Kindly visit our electronic spare parts shop page and see more of what we have…

Speaker Cones

We have below sizes (measurement centimeters)

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 15
  • 18

Spiders | Diaphragms

We have different sizes.

Speaker coils

We have from size 25 to size 102.5 Kindly take measurements or carry the specific coil.

If possible, carry the speaker so that you get the exact coil. At the Almark Electronics shop, we care for you.

Tweeter and Horn Speaker Coils

We stock a majority of tweeter and horn speaker coils. Kindly see the sizes list below;

  • 51.5 together and apart
  • 44.4 together and apart
  • 38.5 together and apart
  • 34.4 together and apart
  • Size 25 spoon coil

Subwoofer MP3 parts

  • The MP3-slim face
  • MP3_square face
  • MP3 slim face {Bluetooth}
  • The MP3 face {Bluetooth}
  • MP5 face {Bluetooth}

DVD player Parts

  • 5.9 DVD Motor
  • LG DVD motors
  • Sony DVD motors
  • DL6 optical lens
  • HD65 optical lens
  • DL5 optical lens
  • KHS 313 optical lens
  • DVD ribbons
  • Various DVD motherboards
  • DVD Player power supply

Elements and switches

  • Electric kettle switches
  • Ac switches
  • Dc switches
  • Dry iron elements
  • Electric kettle elements

TV parts

  • Digital LED TV|LCD TV motherboards
  • Analog LED|LCD motherboards
  • LCD TV|LED TV inverters
  • LCD TV|LED Tv regulators
  • TV power modules
  • Cathode ray TV motherboards
  • CRT TV Complete tube bases
  • CRT TV flyback transformers (BSC 21/2s and 1010 a)

Fuses and Fuse Holders

  • 13 amps
  • 3.15 amps


  • 26 volts 1.8 amps
  • 24 volts 5 amps
  • 13 volts 1.5 amps
  • 12 volts 2 amps
  • 12 volts 1.5 amps
  • 9 volts 1 amp
  • 8 volts 1.5 amps
  • 6 volts 500 milliamps
  • 4.5 volts 500 milliamps

With us, you will get 110 volts transformers and magnetron transformers for a wide range of microwave ovens.

Electronic Accessories

In addition to the above, we also do stock electronic accessories. These are very important aspects of the electronics world.

They help you achieve some electronic functionalities and are at times linking interfaces between our electronic appliances and their power sources.

Moreover, they could be used for audio, video, power, and signal connections thus an important component of the electronics world.

Below is a small list of the electronic accessories that we have in stock:

  1. Cables
  2. Remote Controls
  3. Solder
  4. Connectors
  5. Sockets
  6. FM Band extenders
  7. Switches among others

Kindly visit our Electronic Accessories Shop Page and see the accessories we have in stock…

Electronics would not be complete without electronic accessories. They help us accessorize our home electronics.

In addition, they have multiple functionalities that help us in our day-to-day life.

To complement parts and components, at the House of Electronics shop we stock a diverse range of electronic accessories.

Below is a list of the accessories we stock. Kindly talk to us to purchase or inquire more.


  • 19 volts 4.7 amps
  • 12 volts 5 amps
  • 12 volts 4 amps
  • 9 volts 2 amps
  • 12 volts 3 amps
  • 12 volts 2 amps
  • 5 volts 2 amps

Remote controls

  • GOTv remotes
  • Universal DVD remotes
  • Sonar remotes
  • Startimes remotes
  • 25 in 1 remote
  • TV remote controls
  • 53PH remote control
  • Car Stereo remote controls


  • VGA to VGA cables
  • 3X3 RCA cables
  • 2X1 RCA cables
  • 3X1 RCA cables
  • Multimeter probes
  • Radio cables (Short/Long)
  • Computer cables
  • Flower cables
  • Jumper cables
  • HDMI cables

Connectors, Convertersand Sockets

  • Speaker connectors
  • AV selector
  • AV/RF converter
  • 3 Way AV Selector
  • AV-RF Converter
  • Speakon Sockets


  • DC Jack-pins
  • Mono Audio Jack-pins (small and big size)
  • Stereo Audio Jack-pins (small and big size)
  • TV Plastic Jack-pins
  • TV Jackpins (male/female)
  • RCA Plastic Jack-pins
  • RCA Metal Jack-pins

Computer TV Combo and TV set-top Boxes

  • Digital Combo Box
  • Analog Combo Box

Microphone Accessories

  • Mono-Colored Jack
  • Microphone Jack pins (male/female)
  • Speakon Jack pins
  • MIC Canon Jackpins (male/female)
  • Sponge Microphone covers {various colors}

High Current DC Power Supplies

  • 12 Volts 30 Amps power supply
  • 12 Volts 20 Amps power supply

Kindly visit our Electronic components shop page and see all the components that we have in stock.

Electronic Repair Tools

Well, we are aware that a majority of our customers are repair technicians. For this reason, we added repair tools to our electronics shop.

Additionally, we do also interact with students taking electronics and other electronics fields and they indeed require tools to undertake their studies without much struggle.

And yes, some of you would love to do some basic repairs by yourself. For this reason, as well, we thought it would be good to offer you the common repair tools.

We do have a variety of repair tools… Both basic and advanced. See below some of the electronic repair tools that we do stock:

  • Multimeters
  • Screw drivers
  • Cutters
  • Pliers

Well, are you an electronics repair technician or a student? If yes, we got you covered.

We have repair tools and accessories just for you. Some of them are;

Soldering Guns and soldering accessories

  • Souw soldering gun
  • Kento G soldering gun
  • Winstar wooden soldering gun
  • Soldering bits
  • Solder suckers
  • Light glue
  • Genuine and original soldering wire
  • Solder suckers


  • Digital multimeter small (black and yellow color)
  • Digital multimeter large
  • Analog multimeter small
  • Analog multimeter large



Kindly see the list of electronics repair tools below. If the tool you need is not on this list, kindly contact us to enquire.

More in stock;

  • Digital combo box
  • Analog combo box
  • DIY 2.1channel amplifiers
  • FM band expanders

Electronics Repair and Maintenance

Electronics repair and maintenance is a critical and important aspect of the electronics sphere.

Our electronic appliances and gadgets will get faulty at times and thus requiring repair or some form of maintenance.

In addition, if you have some basic knowledge in electronics repair, you may not have to see a technician.

However, we advise you to be extremely careful to avoid electric shocks and fires. Consult a qualified technician if you are not sure.

Well, we shall write about repair and also invite you to ask electronic repair questions via our contact mediums.

We shall write in detail about the repair of various appliances and gadgets. In few months, we shall also have a repair section within our shop.

You shall be notified about this in due time – in the meantime, ask your questions and remember to buy a cup of coffee for the technician that helps you.

Kindly visit our electronics repair and maintenance section and see some repair tips for some appliances we wrote about…

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Our replacement products are genuine and of high quality. They are tested and QA passed.

Furthermore, we offer you free tips and guidelines on home and office appliances repair.

With thousands of electronics blogs, so much information can be misleading.

However, at our Electronics Shop, the information we post is factual and well researched.

In addition, some of our members are trained and experts in electronics and other related fields.

For this reason, you can confidently shop with us. We invite you to see more of our products and reviews below.

We shall keep on adding more information in the coming days. Kindly keep visiting our page for more information and products.

If you have any questions or need to place your order, kindly contact us

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We pride ourselves as the best online electronics store on the globe…

Our products are original and genuine and for this reason, you can shop with much confidence.

We deliver all our electronic products right at your doorstep. Kindly reach out to us if you do not see what you are looking for in this electronic components list.

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