Different Types of blenders

There are several and different types of blenders. The guide below will unfold this information and much more.

Blenders are kitchen appliances used to puree, emulsify or mix food and other substances. In some instances, they are also used in laboratories as well.

We shall discover various types of this must-have kitchen appliances in this comprehensive and detailed blender review.

Blenders have been there for many years and though the concept is the same, technology has availed us of very advanced blenders.

These advancements are mainly in terms of capacity, motor speed, hygienic production materials, power consumption efficiencies, and much more.

This blender review will avail you of a comprehensive and detailed analysis of types of blenders as derived from several parameters.

Kindly read through to the end because I will share some golden tips and answer some of your questions at the end in regards to types of blenders.

Before you purchase a blender, look below and see which functions different types of blenders offer you.

  1. Crushing ice
  2. Dicing
  3. chopping
  4. Juicing
  5. Mixing
  6. Grinding
  7. Making soups

Take note that blender prices are mainly determined by the functionalities of the specific blender.

Another angle to look at would be via the following parameters;

  • Commercial
  • Multi-purpose
  • Advanced
  • Heavy duty
  • Low duty

Before we proceed, I would like to mention a few types of blenders available in the market today.

Types of Blenders

Blenders can be categorized into two main types;

  • Countertop Blenders: This type is placed on a countertop as you blend.
  • Immersion Blenders: This type is held by the hands as one is blending.

Hand Blenders

Hand Blenders
Image credit | homedepot.com

This is a handheld blender used to mix or puree food inside a container where the food is being prepared.

Hand blenders are so common because of their ease of use, ease of cleaning, and convenience.

Great news, you can get cordless versions for ease of movement within the kitchen.

Other types of blenders falling under this subcategory include;

  1. Stick blender
  2. Immersion blender

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Single-serve Blenders

Single Serve Blenders
Image credit | homedepot.com

These blenders are convenient and have low capacity/volume types. you can use them to chop bits of food.

You can easily dismantle and clean them with ease.  Moreover, this small blender can be stored with ease as they do not consume much space.

Single-serve blenders are good for making smoothies and light blending functions.

Furthermore, they come with lids that fit on the blender cup itself so that you can drink your smoothie on the go.

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Full-size Blenders

Full Size Blenders
Image credit | businesswire.com

This type is found in a majority of the kitchens worldwide and the reason being, the diversity in their blending functionalities and capabilities.

They come in different sizes and their bases are powerful so as to allow the jar to sit on top of them as you blend.

With a full-size blender, you just need to add your products into the jar, place the lid on top of the jar then, place the jar on top of the base and blend.

Furthermore, this blender type has speed and frequency settings and this gives you diversity in what you can blend.

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Specialty Blenders

Specialty Blenders
Image credit | veganuniversal.com

Are you looking at distinct blending? If yes, this is the type of blender you should acquire and keep.

This type is made for special blending purposes. And well, the performance is exemplary. You can chop, grind, blend, puree, and whip up a smoothie in no time.

Specialty blenders are very powerful and are made to last long. Moreover, they mix everything as required giving you the desired and anticipated result.

They are heavy-duty blenders and well; you will get them in restaurants and hotels. Frequency and speed settings will make your blending blissful.

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Blender Bottles

Blender Bottle
Image credit | blenderbottle.com

This manual blender is a favorite for gym-goers and lovers. It is a small capacity type and one that you must have.

Blender bottle blenders come in a cup and a tight screw-on lid that has a blender ball attached to it.

The metallic blender ball has an empty space through which liquid passes with ease.

To blend, add the components into the cup. Then, make sure that the lid is securely on before you start shaking.

As you shake the blender cup, the ball moves through the powder and liquid mixing the components into a cohesive ready-to-drink mixture.

A blender bottle is perfect for making your protein drinks and cocktails as well.

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Frozen drink makers

Frozen drink blender
Image credit | bestbuy.com

Do you love frozen drinks? If yes, this is the best blender for you. The frozen drink maker comes in different shapes and sizes.

One disadvantage, however, this type cannot be used to do any other blending function. It is specifically made for one role.

With a frozen drink maker, you can make kid’s smoothies and yours as well. This advanced kitchen appliance will make your days great.

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Multipurpose Blenders (Kitchen Systems)

Multi Purpose Blenders
Image credit | fingerhut.com

This is the ultimate kitchen appliance. The reason being, you can actually blend, juice, puree, process food, and much more.

Well, this multi-purpose blender comes with all attachments that make your blending and food processing bliss.

Though pricey, the advantages and functionalities outweigh any other consideration.

Well, they consume more power but the convenience will save you more. Furthermore, they are durable.

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Blender Capacity

Having looked at the above, it is now time to talk about other features you should have a keen look at:

Well, blenders come in different capacities. Before you make a purchase, put this into consideration.

There are about 5 defined capacities. They are;


These offer you the smallest capacity.  At just 20 ounces/0.5 liters, mini capacity blenders are ideal for a single-serve.

Moreover, mini blenders are ideal for a quick smoothie on the go and are not much expensive.


Small size blenders have a maximum capacity of 35 ounces/1 liters and are ideal for two smoothie servings.

You can also make soups and other light blending recipes using this type.


Medium size blenders would be the right purchase for many homes.  

They can perform multiple blending functions without much hassle.

With a capacity of up to 50 ounces/1.5 liters, medium-sized blenders will give you 3 to 4 servings per go.


At 65 ounces/2 liters, large-size blenders are ideal for small parties and medium families.

These blenders are versatile and can do smoothies, soups, and, other blending functions.

Well, they are pricey but worth every coin. Moreover, they are durable.

Extra Large

Extra-large blenders are more commercial/professional blenders.

They are ideal for large families and parties as well. With this capacity, you can rest easy that you will get a lot of servings.

Furthermore, they can perform multiple functions and are durable and long-lasting.

Extra-large capacity blenders are pricey but worth every dime. These blenders have capacities beyond 65 ounces/2 liters.

Blender Jar Materials      

There are three types of jar material used in the manufacture of blenders. These are;


This is the most common material used in the manufacture of this kitchen appliance.

Plastic has pros and cons. This is mainly determined and depends on the quality of the blender you buy.

One of the major cons is that plastic contains BPA chemicals which can be harmful to the body.

Another con is that plastic can chip and scratch and furthermore if cheaper quality, can crack or shatter if dropped.

Plastic blender jars at times also produce a foul odor more so if not cleaned well after use.

Some pros are lightweight and if you have a high-quality blender, you do not need to worry because it could last you a long time.

When buying, kindly insist on a BPA-free plastic-made jar to be on the safe side. This important feature could see you pay more for your blender.


Metal jar blenders are the most expensive and most durable and are being purchased more worldwide.

Made of stainless steel, these jars are easy to clean and have no bad odor at all.

Some of the cons include the cost of purchase, and not being able to see how the blending activity is going on.

Furthermore, if dropped, these metal jars can dent therefore affecting the blending capability and beauty of the blender.

Well, having said that, I would still recommend this type of blender to you anytime because of the numerous advantages.  


Glass jars are extremely fragile and should be handled with much care.

The good thing and a big pro for these jars are that they do not withhold or transfer any odor.

What does this mean to you? You can do any form of food and even store it on these jars without worrying that your next blending session will inherit the odor from the previous session.

Furthermore, glass jar blenders are long-lasting and the prices are relatively pocket-friendly.

The major cons of these magnificent kitchen appliances are their fragility and heavyweight.

Blender Features

This blender review would honestly not be complete if I do not tell you which features you should give attention to before you make that purchase.

Well, kindly read this section keenly so as to make an informed decision.

All the features below are equally important if indeed you have to buy the best blender in the market


With Juicing becoming popular by the day, acquiring a blender capable of juicing is a big plus.

Juicing blenders however require you to add some water to get the juice, unlike a juicer.

Be ready to spend a bit more on electricity because these are heavy-duty blenders.

They require more power to run hence more energy consumption.

Furthermore, juicing blenders are a bit pricey. Good thing is that they will perform other functions.

Energy star

Energy-star certified appliances will save your pocket in regard to the electricity bills that you pay.

It is not as easy to get an energy star-certified blender. However, with some research, you can get one.

Multiple attachments

Stick blenders come with multiple attachments so that you can dismantle them.

With this, you can turn your stick blender into a multifunction kitchen appliance.

I would advise you to kindly look at stick blenders that come with blades capable of chopping, mincing, and crushing.

Ice crushing

These are some of the most powerful blenders on the market at the moment.

They consume more energy hence you could feel the pinch in regards to your electricity bill.

However, they are multi-purpose blenders, and having one of them is a big plus.

With such a blender, you will enjoy ice-cold smoothies and all. But they come at a higher price.

Dishwasher safe parts

If you happen to own a dishwasher, it is prudent that you get a blender that is made of dishwasher-safe parts.

Cleaning blender parts manually can be a tedious and boring task most probably if you are in a hurry to do something else.  

Variable speed control

Whether a knob or button, a blender that avails you the ability to control blending speed is a kitchen appliance worth owning.

Variable speed control enabled blenders are a bit pricey but worth every dime.

These are multi-purpose blending appliances that will avail you of several functionalities like; chopping, juicing, and much more.

Energy consumption can as well be high. I would, however, advise you to purchase one.

Multiple functions

A complete blender should do most of the aspects I have shared on these points.

Multiple functions blenders are pricey and also consume a lot of energy.

However, getting this appliance for your family or business is something that you will not regret.


Most stick blenders come with a rechargeable battery. This makes movement within the kitchen blissful.

Acquiring a cordless blender is something I would recommend anytime.

Dispensing spout

Pouring a smoothie or any other blended product from your blender can be tricky.

However, a blender that has a built-in dispensing spout or one that can be attached to the lid is a great plus.

Blender replacement parts availability

Before you commit to buying a certain blender, it is advisable to conduct research on the availability of blender accessories and replacement parts.

Recipes included

Well, build your blending confidence with recipe-ready blenders.

These recipes have been tried and tested.

You will get a wealth of information including blending tips and hacks to make great smoothies and other delicious foods.

Congratulations on reading up to this point. Before I finish, I would like to notify you of some nice blender brands.

They are; Blendtech, Ninja-kitchen, Vitamix, NutriBullet, Black and Decker, Oster, Breville, Cleanblend, KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach among others.

To sum it up

I hope you have enjoyed reading this type of blenders article? Well, blenders have become a must-have kitchen appliance.

This is so because, they can help you make your cooking easier, adventurous, and fun.

In addition, blenders can help you extract nutrients from fruits, nuts, and other foods thus offering you a great opportunity to eat healthily.

The good thing is that there are home use and commercial use blenders in the market to choose from.

Furthermore, you can own a cheap blender if you are on a low budget. Some in fact cost less than $50.

Armed with this information, it is now time for you to venture into the market and pick the best blender for you.

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